Build better Medidata Rave studies, faster.

TrialGrid simplifies and speeds the development of Medidata Rave studies.

  • Automatic build quality verification
  • One-click fixes for build quality problems
  • Manage Standards Library Compliance
  • Intuitive edit check editor
  • Edit check testing
  • Team collaboration tools

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Why Use TrialGrid?

Improve the quality and efficiency of your Study Build process

Improve study build quality

TrialGrid analyses your study build with more than 70 Diagnostic quality checks and flags potential issues which do not conform to best practices or standards. Fix spelling mistakes with a single click. Rapidly review and resolve issues before they reach production.

Manage Standards Library Compliance

Identify and track deviations from Library Standards. Document and approve or reject changes in study drafts. Set policies on allowed deviations from the standards such as addition of Data Dictionary items from controlled terminologies. Standards Compliance dashboard reports provide overview of re-use of libraries.

Simplify edit checks

Write edit checks using our simple to learn Clinical Query Language which translates instantly to the Medidata Rave edit check syntax. Reduce the time to program edit checks and avoid logic errors.

Squash the bugs

Generate test cases directly from your edit checks. Run and document your edit check tests with the click of a button. Re-run at any time for full assurance that a change in your study build hasn't invalidated any of your checks.


Track every change to every object in your study build. Know who changed what and when. Use our collaboration tools to share information and files to maintain communication across the team.

Our mission at TrialGrid is to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical studies by providing advanced software tools for clinical research professionals.

Andrew Newbigging Founder and CEO

Andrew Newbigging
Medidata Rave is the market-leading Electronic Data Capture system. Our goal at TrialGrid is to make the Medidata Rave experience even better by providing tools that supplement and enhance Medidata's offering.

Ian Sparks Founder and CTO

Ian Sparks
We believe the business proposition for clinical developers using TrialGrid technology combined with Rave is excellent no matter what the study type or phase. We want you to liberate the power and flexibility of Rave with TrialGrid.

Steve Heath Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Heath

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Medidata Rave is the market-leading Electronic Data Capture system and TrialGrid is designed to enhance and accelerate Rave's study build process.
Most Diagnostics have settings allowing adjustment on a per-project basis. As an example, you may have a standard prefix for label naming, the diagnostic for this allows the prefix, suffix (or both) to be adjusted to your own standard.
No. We provide a library of Diagnostics but you choose which to apply to your project and adjust the settings for them appropriately.
Everything in an Architect Loader Spreadsheet can be checked. Manual review is time consuming, error prone and is hard to document effectively. Let TrialGrid run the checks, fix the issues and document the outcome in a fraction of the time it would take to do a manual check or export to run a SAS report. We are continually expanding our library of Diagnostics - contact us to discuss your requirements.
Contact us to discuss your requirements. If we don't already offer a configurable Diagnostic to meet your needs we'll consider adding it.

TrialGrid uses end-to-end encryption for all data. All browser traffic uses the secure HTTPS protocol, files upload to the system are encrypted on disk and database storage is encrypted at rest, including the backups taken at 60 second intervals. Our hosting provider is accredited under:

  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II)
  • ISO 27001
  • FISMA Moderate
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • PCI Level 1
During the Beta period TrialGrid is using its own username/password service, all users have their own accounts in the TrialGrid system and access to Projects is managed by a user with a Team Manager role. In the future we will offer alternative authentication methods.
No. TrialGrid is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product with all hosting provided by TrialGrid. Hosting this way allows us to monitor and control the quality of service for all customers within our infrastructure. Clients who choose the Enterprise Edition may choose to have their own instance of TrialGrid, separate from all other clients, hosted by TrialGrid.
Contact us. We will be happy to arrange a demo.
Yes! The Clinical Query Language (CQL) can be extended with Custom Function templates which are then automatically added to your study design. Extensions added this way are 100% compatible with Rave and allow teams to make use of more advanced features of the Rave Edit Check engine in their Edit Checks without the requirement to learn C#.

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