Talking TrialGrid

Compliance Detail Report - Now with more Detail

One of the key features of TrialGrid is the ability to track and explain deviations in study designs from standard libraries. But until now it was difficult to view the non-deviations, i.e. the attributes of studies that match the library or which are allowed changes from the library.

The …

Property Sheets for Folders

One of the benefits of adopting TrialGrid for Rave study build is the ability to use spreadsheet-like editing for Form Fields and Edit Checks. For just over a year now this facility has also been available for Folders.

Editing a set of folders in a spreadsheet view is very convenient …

Fine grained approvals for Standards Compliance

When you are working with Standard Libraries of Forms, Data Dictionaries, Edit Checks and other types of Medidata Rave study design objects it is normal to have deviations from the standard defined by the matching object in the library.

For example, you might add or remove an entry from a …