Talking TrialGrid

Visualizing Study Design

As a Rave Study Designer you have limited options for visualizing a study design, especially a complex one. You can publish the study to a test environment and browse through the Folders and Forms but this is a view intended for users, not for Architects. As a Study Designer you …

Comparing Drafts

One of the features we have frequently been asked for is a way to compare Drafts so we're delighted to release Draft comparison capability to our Beta site this week.

Medidata Rave already has an Architect Difference Report but it cannot be used to compare two arbitrary Drafts so if …

Building Edit Checks

Building Edit Checks is one of the most time-consuming activities during study builds.
In this post I'll show how much TrialGrid can speed up Edit Check programming, using three example Edit Checks of increasing length and complexity.

Here's a comparison of the time taken to build these Edit Checks in …