Articles by Ian Sparks

Editing UAT Test Steps

The real game-changer in TrialGrid UAT is not the ability to execute the tests and document testing evidence - though that is a huge improvement to manual testing - it's the ability to generate quality test scenarios. The TrialGrid Test Case Advisor can generate test cases for the majority of the Edit …

This week in TrialGrid (2019-05-16)

Following on from last week when we released 2 new Diagnostics, this week we released 5 new Diagnostics, bringing our total to 108.

New Diagnostics

Diagnostic #104 checks that %%path/to/resource style Form Help is set correctly. Rave experts will know that if Form (or Field) help text starts with %% then …

Diagnostic Updates

This week we released 2 new Diagnostics, added new options to many existing ones and fixed some bugs.

New Diagnostics

First the new: When a customer suggests an idea for a new Diagnostic we determine if it will be useful to all customers. If it is widely applicable we will …