Articles by Ian Sparks

Documenting Standards with Annotates

One of the challenges of maintaining standard libraries in Rave Architect is that it is not possible to add any kind of notes or extended metadata on library objects. For example, a standard form might have the following information associated with it:

  • A unique version number
  • A description of the …

Quality Management System and Word

If you work in a regulated environment then the work you do will be guided by the policies and procedures outlined in your Quality Management System (QMS). Typically the QMS documents are embodied as a set of Microsoft Word or PDF documents stored on an intranet or (think of the …

Annotates in Microsoft Word

If you are building studies in Medidata Rave, sooner or later you'll want to generate an Annotated Case Report Form so that you can communicate the study design with other team members who may not have access to Rave and to document the study data structures.

Some time ago we …