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Overlapping Matrices

We've blogged before about Matrix features in TrialGrid; creating All-Forms and Merged Matrices, features to help with viewing large Matrices and highlighting inactive Forms.

Recently we were asked by some of our users if we could help identify 'overlapping Matrices', i.e. a Folder/Form combination which exists in two …

Editing UAT Test Steps

The real game-changer in TrialGrid UAT is not the ability to execute the tests and document testing evidence - though that is a huge improvement to manual testing - it's the ability to generate quality test scenarios. The TrialGrid Test Case Advisor can generate test cases for the majority of the Edit …

This week in TrialGrid (2019-05-16)

Following on from last week when we released 2 new Diagnostics, this week we released 5 new Diagnostics, bringing our total to 108.

New Diagnostics

Diagnostic #104 checks that %%path/to/resource style Form Help is set correctly. Rave experts will know that if Form (or Field) help text starts with %% then …