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Form Editor Improvements

When we started in 2016, Andrew and I had two main ideas for Medidata Rave: 1) Diagnostic Quality Checks and 2) Infix Edit Check editing. We didn't set out to create a better Architect but we needed a way for users to view and correct issues in study design objects identified by Diagnostics.

We introduced our Form Editor in early 2017 with some nice innovations for cloning Fields and moving them around, copying View and Entry restrictions and various other improvements over Architect:

Original Form Editor

Recently Andrew worked on further improvements and a few weeks ago these were made available on our Beta site.

Form Preview

We tried to make our Editor look a lot like the Form as it is displayed in Rave but our users were asking for improved preview and for Rave EDC (RaveX) preview. This is now available for Rave Classic:

Preview Classic

And for Rave EDC (this one shown in full-width mode):

Preview RaveEDC

We're particularly excited about the RaveEDC preview since, at least at the time of writing, this is a capability that Rave Architect doesn't provide.

View and Entry Restrictions

Keeping track of View and Entry restrictions for Fields can be fiddly. In Architect and in our original Form editor these were separate lists but Andrew has now put them side-by-side which makes it a lot easier to see whether a user is View or Entry restricted to a Field. Really you only want one of these checked, if a user is View restricted (they can't see the Field) then they are implicitly Entry restricted!

Editing Restrictions

In this screenshot you can also see an indication of the Form-level restrictions. Where a Field is restricted at the Form level there's no point in also restricting it at the Field level.

These changes to the editor also preserved the copy and paste functionality so if you have a block of Fields which should have the same restriction settings you can copy them from one Field to another. This can save you a lot of time and reduce errors.

Previewing Restrictions

The new Form Editor also offers the ability to preview as a particular role which makes it easy to check restrictions settings. Here I'm previewing a Form as the Batch Upload user and I can see that the first Field is View Restricted to me (it appears greyed out)

Previewing Restrictions


These are just the highlights of our new Form Editor. Andrew has also done a lot of work to improve the look and feel and the use of visual space to make designing and editing Forms in TrialGrid a really friction-free experience. We hope you'll like it and as always we want to hear new ideas for improvement of the TrialGrid system!