Talking TrialGrid

Direct Rave Import

Our goal at TrialGrid is to assure the quality of Medidata Rave Study Builds and accelerate the build process. Working with the TrialGrid system should be as frictionless as possible but the process of getting Rave Drafts into TrialGrid requires the user to download the Draft as an Architect Loader …


One Hundred Diagnostics

Today we released Diagnostic #101. Reaching the 100 Diagnostic milestone seems a good time to think back on what we have achieved so far.

Two years ago when we started building our first Diagnostic we knew that every quality check we automated was one less check that had to be …

This week at TrialGrid (Oct 19, 2018)

Next week we're attending the Medidata Next conference in New York and we're looking forward to meeting up with friends old and new, customers and past colleagues. In the run up to the conference we're working on major new features but that doesn't mean we're neglecting existing functionality.

This week …