User Acceptance Testing Released

This week we released version 1 of our Automated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) feature to Beta site users and we are starting to work with customers to implement this approach into their processes. Manually testing Edit Checks and other dynamic features of Medidata Rave studies is tedious, error-prone work that takes a long time. Organizations which adopt the Automated UAT approach can test their studies faster, gather better quality testing evidence and free up their skilled staff for higher-value work.

Need convincing? Here's a video which demonstrates in 1 minute 38 seconds:

  • Creating a test script for an Edit Check
  • Reviewing the test script
  • Executing the test and collecting screenshot evidence (also available in PDF)
  • Reviewing the results in Medidata Rave

This video shows the testing for a single Edit Check but the system is also able to create and run test cases for hundreds of Edit Checks at a time. It also works for Rave EDC as well as Rave Classic (shown in video).

If you are ready to accelerate your Edit Check testing. Get in touch!