Articles by Andrew Newbigging

Searching Rave Studies

If you've ever wanted to quickly search through all your Rave study and library drafts, we now have that feature!

At any point in the TrialGrid application you can enter some terms in the search box and instantly see objects which contain that text. We search all projects and libraries …

Upgrading to Rave 2018.1

One of the changes in the next Medidata Rave release, Rave 2018.1.0, is that standard fields in Edit Checks must have a Record Position of 0. This has long been a recommended best practice but up till now has not been required. Rave will now check that the …

Building Edit Checks

Building Edit Checks is one of the most time-consuming activities during study builds.
In this post I'll show how much TrialGrid can speed up Edit Check programming, using three example Edit Checks of increasing length and complexity.

Here's a comparison of the time taken to build these Edit Checks in …