TrialGrid: New Beginnings

Andrew Newbigging and I founded TrialGrid in August 2016 with many ideas and one ambition:

To help Medidata Rave users build better studies, faster

Since then we've been busy building and demonstrating our product (if you'd like to see it, please get in touch!).

In these next blog posts we'll provide more information about progress to date and our thoughts for the future.

Why Medidata Rave?

Medidata Rave is the leading EDC/CDMS system used in industry today. It's extremely powerful, flexible and integrated as part of the Medidata Platform which includes Medical Coding, Risk Based Monitoring, CTMS, Payments, Single-Sign-On, Analytics, Imaging, IWRS, ePRO and more.

What is TrialGrid ?

We're building TrialGrid, a system packed with power tools for Data Managers , Study Builders, Clinical Programmers and Standards Managers. TrialGrid is an environment that helps you turn specifications into Rave Edit Checks and which automates the tedious process of checking study designs against study build quality checklists, best practice guidelines and standards. These tools are a big first step towards our goals of improving study build quality and reducing study build effort by at least 50%.

You can read more about TrialGrid features on our tour page

Future plans and updates

With 20 years of combined experience of the Medidata platform and Rave we have the experience to know where we can add value to what Medidata Rave already offers. You probably already know us by reputation. We didn't write the book on integrating with the Medidata Platform but we did help write the libraries and have worked with Medidata technologies since 2006.

We're adding features quickly leading up to our first validated product release. We'll be using this blog to keep you updated with our progress.